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In years of experience, I have done a number of resume designing projects that helped clients get good jobs. I am available for taking on new work. Follow the resume designing link above and get a custom resume.

Get good rankings by availing my on-page SEO services. Being a certified On-Page SEO consultant, I exactly know your website needs.

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About Me

Yesterday’s banker, today a certified business blogger who loves to work with dynamic people. Currently, working as on page SEO consultant, business blogger and resume designer.

As an On page SEO consultant, there is just one rule that I follow: ethical SEO practices. So, I don’t promise your ranking among top 5 but I promise you a good reputation which enhances your website authority hence, making you rank better. And I always say “the one who promises you top rankings, uses unethical and black hat SEO practices”. Having a specialization in On page SEO, I know exactly how search engines assess your website.

As a mentor, I groom and provide career counselling advice to students who contact me.

Resume designing is what I love the most. Bringing out the best of people on the cover is an amazing job. I design dynamic resumes so that your strengths speak to the employers themselves.

Running my own business blog so growing every day with so much exposure and enlightenment. I write blogs and articles to improve management practices specially the human resource management practices.

I love working on projects where I am given some space and autonomy.



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